Chef Sharina Hassell

Texan-born and southern raised, Chef Sharina Hassell boasts both formal and experiential education with more than 20 years in hospitality and food service. She learned to cook growing up with food and gluten allergies, when the monotony of what was available to her forced her to question how to create interesting food alternatives. She has used her life experience with Celiac Disease to change what many would see as an obstacle in cooking into an opportunity for inclusivity in the fine dining experience.

Sharina insists on using elevated cooking techniques, quality ingredients, novel flavor concepts, and innovative presentation for her unique twists on indulgent comfort foods. The menu she creates highlights a wide variety of these delicious foods in both small bites and shared plates and her food offerings seasonally evolve, designed to be dynamic with something for almost all palates.

Since her leadership in established restaurants and tenured charity organizations, Sharina has elevated weekly gluten-free food prep, the home date night experience, and small intimate gatherings with her creative culinary expression and attention to dietary needs.

In the News

TWU alumna spices her cuisine with social justice

September 20, 2022

TWU alumna Sharina Hassell, chef at Alexandre's in Oak Lawn, has debuted the Chick-full-gay, a tongue-in-cheek homage to the sandwiches at a certain fast-food chain. The new fried chicken sandwich, with two pickles and a smear of mayo on both buns, is set to become a regular special on the menu. 

"It was our idea on how to reclaim something for our community," Hassell said. Alexandre's sold the Chick-full-gay sandwiches, each packaged in a bag with a rainbow sticker, to Pride parade marchers. 

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